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Nepal's No.1 Laptop, Mobile, computer, printer, Photocopy, camera, Projector & circuit Level Training Center After training Job placement guaranty. Available with all testing Equipment training center. Facebook : www.facebook.com/alliance.laptop Youtube : www.youtube.com/alliancepvtltd Contact : 01-4168211 , 9851174406 , 9841030824 Email : alliancelaptop123@gmail.com Affiliated with CTEVT ISO 2009:2015 certified International Service Center, International level's lab


Today the world is running under the technology. Without technological knowledge, our daily activities are being difficult. The whole world is captured by technology. Whether it is most developed country or least developed country, the impact of technology is seen everywhere.

In Nepal, there is a great impact of technology. The youth people have their bright future in the field of technology because India and China are the technologically developed countries. To be a professional technological manpower, knowledge about it is must. Without knowledge, every field is blank and little knowledge is most dangerous. So, to gain complete knowledge about the technological field i.e., computer, networking devices, server handling and so on, a perfect training center should be chosen. The Nepal’s No.1 training center is ALLIANCE LAPTOP REPAIRING AND TRAINING CENTER.

Alliance is a chip level laptop and desktop repairing and training center. We have 10 years’ experience in India at RITTCOMP COMPANY, and then now we are here in Nepal. We are a well-established and successful service to the customer. We are located at Putalisadak in front of Shanker Dev Campus and besides the building of Capital Hospital in the third floor.For more detail please visit our another website alliancelaptoptrepair.com.np

We have a broad vision to make technological manpower. IT knowledge is most important for the youth people mostly. They are the future of any country. To challenge the world in the field of technology and to develop the country, youths are the backbone. Serving to the youths is ultimately serving to the country also. So, trainings are provided here to whom, who are interested in this field in a most reasonable prices.

There are many other training center but most successful training center among them is ALLIANCE LAPTOP REPAIRING AND TRAINING CENTER. We use machines for repairing which are not available in other repairing center. We are using BGA Machine, CRO Machine, SMD Machine, BIOS flasher, BIOS programmer, Diagnostic card etc. So our service is qualitatively best. We have found the best market rating after our market research. Productivity of this training center is best ever. Many people got the job after getting training from here.

We provide guaranteed repairing service. Complains never will be come after providing service from here. So, come and make your future bright and live a dignified life.

In today’s world without any skill within you is very difficult to compete. Likewise, in developing countries like Nepal, skill is very essential. As we all know that Nepal is facing the problem of unemployment. Due to unemployment thousands of youngsters of Nepal are compelled to work in different Baltic countries.

Though, Government of Nepal is working for the generating employment. Alliance Laptop Repairing and Training Center Pvt. Ltd. is helping to reduce unemployment by providing skill training to youngster and making them skilled. Alliance Laptop Repairing and Training Center is a training company established under company Act 2063. Alliance is providing skill training since 8 years in chips repairing field of computer, laptop, mobile, printers and other electronics devices.

Alliance has well equipped lab, modern testing tools and well qualified instructors to instruct to the trainee. Alliance is certified with An ISO 9001:2015 and also it is affiliated to CTEVT. Along with that Alliance has an international service center to provide service to international brand users. Alliance is one of the most reputed repairing and training center which is providing quality services and training to its customers and trainees.


  • Affiliated to CTEVT Center
  • An ISO 9001:2015 training company
  • International Service Center of different brandsng
  • Different modern testing tools and well equipped labे
  • Training based on Real Scenario
  • Problems of Laptop and Desktop shot within 20 minutes
  • Training from Book Writers
  • Training after job guaranty etc…..

whom Alliance’s training is for?

  • For opportunity seeking youngster
  • Students who wants to study Engineering
  • For semi-skilled personnel
  • Students who wants to go abroad for further studies

Publications of Alliance ?

  • Computer Laptop Chip Level Solution
  • Mobile Hardware and Software Solution
  • Card level Desktop Laptop and Networking (Proposed)
  • Printer and Projector Solution (Proposed)