About Us


Alliance, a private institute with over a decade of experience aiming to reach to all technophile and learners.

In this demanding era of technology, we at alliance furnish all kinds of technical knowledge. We have over a decade of experience in this field which is why we ensure you to believe in us.We offer varieties of courses ranging from beginner level to advanced level.In addition,we repair different electronic gadgets providing best and reliable services to our customers. We have every required tools and equipment providing practical knowledge.Technology has reached in almost every nook and cranny of the world.Our life evolves around technology.So, its essential to have technical knowledge not only to get job but also to be familiar with connection of technology in our real life.

Mainly technical knowledge is must to today’s youths. As we know that, Nepal is developing country and we are still behind technology comparing to other countries.However,several efforts and several steps has been taken to develop technology which is great opportunities for youths to grab their chance and move ahead with progress of country.So, to move forward there must be appropriate guidance and training center thus, alliance is perfect for that.Alliance is certified with ISO 2009,2015 and CTEVT along with 10+ years of experience.

We warmly welcome to all learners to start your journey with us & we make sure to support you through your journey in every possible way.


–  Over a decade of experience
–  Affiliated to CTEVT
–  An ISO 2001,2015 certified center
–  Relationship with international buisness
–  Available of required tools and epuipment
–   Equipped lab training based on real scenario
–  Guaranteed of job after completion of course


–  All those opportunity seeker and keen learner
–  Those who want to be independent
–  People who want to go abroad and make it big
–  Who wants to bring change within country
–  People who love technology


  • Computer Laptop Chip Level Solution
  • Mobile Hardware and Software Solution
  • Card level Desktop Laptop and Networking (Proposed)
  • Printer and Projector Solution (Proposed)