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Computer Hardware : Hardware Concept

  1. Computer Hardware Overview, Block Diagram Details, Parts of Computer. 
  2. Motherboard: Types, Block Diagram, Identification of Ports, Chip, Slots, Connector, Section etc, Company, Price, Marketing Tips. 
  3. CPU: CPU Socket details, Types of CPU, Identification, Basic Terminology of CPU. 
  4. RAM: Types of RAM, Identification of RAM, RAM Operating Voltage.
  5. SMPS: Concept of Current, SMPS pin details, SMPS Voltage, Testing of SMPS, How to use Multimeter, Testing of Power Cable. 
  6. Hard disk: Hard disk Types, Identification of Hard disk, Jumper Setting, Warranty, Measuring concept etc. 
  7. CD/DVD Drive: Assembling/Dissembling of CD/DVD Drive, Types of CD/DVD Drive, Repairing of CD/DVD Drive, Jumper Settings Etc. 
  8. UPS: Types, How UPS work, Measurement, Testing of UPS, Battery Concept. 
  9. Keyboard and Mouse: Types, Identification, Repairing of Keyboard and Mouse. 
  10. Monitor 
  11. Printer 
  12. Cabinet 
  13. Assembling and Dissembling of Computer, Marketing Tips, Testing of all Parts of Computer.