Our Services

We provide many services related to most of the gadgets available in the Nepalese market. We have keenly trained group of technician’s who’ve been working on this sector since more-then a decade. We’re also providing services to international business. Our collaboration with different importers, organizations, businesses and technicians from all over the globe gives us the flexibility and advantage to fix the most complex problems. We provide repair with warranty/guaranty as per the services.


With time desktop is becoming more powerful and complex. Unlike laptop it is responsible for complex and resource hungry tasks such as gaming, video production, graphic production etc.. We at Alliance are repairing desktop of various organization so we have enough experience and expertise to build and/or fix all sort of desktop devices from Mini to Custom build.


Due to portability and flexibility laptops are mostly used by professionals, That’s the reason we at Alliance have very dedicated team for laptop repair. We are providing back-support for various laptop repairing training center in Nepal. Alliance is known as final destination for critical laptop.

Apple Series

There are not many people in Nepal who do authentic MAC/iMAC repair. Our team are physically trained from China, Pakistan, Thailand, India. We are repairing apple products since 2012. In this updating pace of technology our team is being updated day by day. As apple ships new hardware and software features we send our team for researching and learning purpose. We give much importance to the data, so you can feel assured with us.


In our daily life we’re using mobile phone, we cannot think a moment without our phone. Due to mobile our work has been more easy and convenient so its been like a part of our own system. Although it comes with exceptional build quality our overuse damages the phone. Common damages includes Broken Screen, Housing Broken, Battery, Rear and front camera’s, Rear and front Speakers.


 In a field of gadgets IOS has more craze then any other gadgets. You cannot trust other person to even use your IOS products because its so valuable so definitely  its more complex to repair. There should be trained technicians with lot of experience to handle any repairing related problems. Our technicians are not even allowed to learn IOS repairing without having enough experience on android

I Watch

In this busy schedule we’re too busy to analyze our activities. So smart watches has been our part of life since its release. Although there are many brands nothing comes as close as I Watches. This is a really difficult product to repair due to small size and incredible engineering. Our team are trained for a long hours and capable of using various machines needed for repairing this small but complex piece of technology.