Mac & iMac


    20+ days

    4 to 6 hours

 We provide in-depth training in every section with the deep schematic-based guide as well as a hand guide using professional tools. Furthermore, we provide you with the following assets for you to practice and keep for yourself.

– Dead board – 1 piece

– OK board -1 piece

After completion of the class, 5 days will be dedicated to solving any problem the students live in class.

  • Intel 1 to 9 series power sequence in detail.

  • A1286 to M1 power sequence in detail.

  • Live Problem solution and fault finding with hand to hand practice.

  • Brand new in depth step by step schematic reading.

  • Offline diode value of each section.

  • Methods of identifying problematic section with DC supply.

  • Data, Signal, Clock frequency [many more] checking using DSO and MSO.

  • Find out Shorting, leakage, high boot, low boot in few seconds.

  • I Cloud by pass up to M1 series & BIOS programming (3+ devices).

  • Up to Date recently researched Content [50+ detailed sections].

  • Different high quality tools as per practical needs (PGA & BGA IC’s remove and installation with ease). Hot guns [Quick 850, 857,861, 2008, 881], Irons, UV Masking, Jumper, & Thermal camera details.

  • Analysis of board diagram, Circuit diagram & Architectures.

  • Step by step configuration from 2010 to latest series.

  • Various chip’s in-depth control circuit analysis & Explanation (charging, power, SMC, T1, T2).

  • Schematics, Datasheet, Board view and BIOS files Support after training.

  • Guided solutions of students [technicians] real problems after training completion


T1 and T2 Chip

  1. Chip specific explanations & guide of exceptional faults.
  2. Circuit analysis and explanation (USBC 5V-20V boosting, standby, power on)
  3. Working conditions of NAND and PCH.
  4. By passing restoring error codes. (E.g. 4005, 4013, 4014 ,9 for T2)
  5. Cannot enter DFU mode (T2).
  6. Pasted IC removing and re-balling.

A1286 to M1 (series wise).

  • Power / Switching related problem.

  • Water damage.

  • Not restoring from sleep mode.

  • Standby is abnormal.

  • Peripheral related problems (USB-C, Charger & other ports)

  • Display (screen & backlight) repair & replace.

  • Sound problem

  • Current freeze at certain ampere.

  • Battery charging related problems (sign present but couldn’t be turned on) or not charging.

  • WIFI related problem

  • Booting Problem.

  • HDD/ SSD not detecting.

  • RAM (up to 32GB) / SSD(NAND)(up to 1TB) IC chip upgrade

  • Green light failure.

  • Update interface related.

  • Touch Bar related.

  • Input devices (track pad & keyboard) can’t be used.

  • Other common problems included.

  • MacBook common faults and experience sharing.